Elementary School Tutors

Elementary School Tutors

Our elementary tutoring programs address the development of both math and reading skills, whether your child is struggling or you just want to help him or her experience continued improvement.

Math Skills

Our elementary school tutors have a specific program for math. Our math tutoring program is designed to help children build a foundation upon which they can build as they continue their academic careers. Math skills are developed and reinforced in a manner consistent with New York State Common Core. After evaluating your child, we will determine the best path to success. Math doesn’t come easy for many students, and our tutors can help your child understand basic math concepts, including fractions and decimal points. We will customize your child’s learning program based on his or her specific needs and help eliminate any frustration he or she may be feeling.

Reading Skills

Whether your child is just beginning to read or is struggling with reading skills, our elementary school tutors will create a learning program that will help strengthen your child’s reading skills. After evaluating his or her current reading level, we will develop a program using the appropriate reading level materials and software programs. Much of the emphasis is placed on decoding, fluency, and comprehension. Effective reading skills are an important building block required for achieving success in all school subjects, and we can provide your child with the confidence he or she needs to excel as a reader.