Our Technology

At Tutor My Success, we believe that integrating technology-based training into our tutoring program provides for a more effective and sophisticated learning experience. Tutor My Success uses proprietary software that creates a modern, interactive learning environment. Children feel the freedom to learn independently while simultaneously having the immediate support and supervision of their tutor.

Each student has access to a high-speed Dell Inspiron laptop with a 15-inch screen that is running Windows 10 as its operating system. The software modules are geared to accommodate all learning levels and subjects and allow students to receive immediate feedback as they progress. Technology-based learning also allows students to complete assignments remotely while being able to communicate with their tutor.

When students have completed an assignment, their tutors can perform an analysis of the responses so that they can be discussed prior to the next tutoring session. Additionally, Tutor My Success provides college entrance exam software for students who are preparing for their SATs.