How Tutor My Success Works


  • Training with the Best
  • 21st-Century Learning
  • Tutoring from A to Z
  • Flexible Schedules

Tutor My Success was created to provide support for children in every stage of their academic lives. We offer a wide range of personalized programs to help your child grow and gain confidence academically. Depending on your child’s needs, we offer both individual sessions and learning opportunities in a group setting.

Academic Assessment

It all begins with a comprehensive academic assessment using a variety of diagnostic methods. During this initial evaluation, we will pinpoint your child’s strengths as well as the areas that require attention. Once the evaluation is completed, we will customize a tutoring program that will address your child’s specific needs while allowing him or her to learn at a comfortable pace.

21st-Century Learning

Tutor my Success takes a 21st-century approach to learning by combining both individual instruction and independent, computer-based learning. We use proprietary software that highly engages our students in the learning process. Students find great comfort and satisfaction when technology is incorporated into their learning curriculum.

Tutoring from A to Z

Tutor My Success is at the center of all your child’s learning needs in elementary, middle school, and high school subjects, as well as honors and AP subjects. We are also there for your children if they want to enhance their study skills or when the time comes to prepare for their SATs. Tutor My Success also offers counseling to parents and can provide advocacy for children working with an IEP. Whatever your child’s needs, we will provide a tutor who is highly-qualified to support his or her learning experience. We also provide regular monthly parental contact to keep you in the loop with your child’s progress. Regardless of your student’s learning needs, we can help!

Affordable and Flexible

We understand the demands of parenting; therefore, we offer flexible scheduling to better accommodate your busy schedule. We have priced our program so that it is affordable for most and probably less than the investment required for students to play organized sports or participate in other extracurricular activities. We also offer small group instruction to keep costs manageable. Prices vary by subject. Please call for a quote.