tutor my success, tutor blog, help child with learning, help child achieve in school, help childrens future How Can Parents Help Their Children Achieve in School?

Today, more than ever, parents worry about their children’s futures. As we move to a more global economy, we as parents ask several questions: What is happening to the quality of American education? What opportunities will be available for American students? These questions are on many parents’ and educators’ minds!

Why are some students successful? This is a great question, and research shows that several factors may be involved. As parents, we sometimes ask how effort, ability, difficulty of material, or luck are related to our children’s success. When we can determine that the ability and effort are present but our child still struggles, we feel a need to fix it . . . NOW! I believe that the first step is to speak directly with the child’s teacher, as teachers have the greatest insight about their students’ struggles with content. The second step could be to provide additional private time with the student’s teacher. Most teachers offer additional help and welcome students to additional sessions.

Consultation with an educational professional is always an option. Educators are trained in how students learn and can offer a variety of resources, including diagnostic achievement testing. A properly trained educator will create a learning plan that focuses on the student’s needs. Working with a skilled professional can be extremely cost-effective in the long run by solving problems early, identifying and developing strengths, and increasing student academic self-concept.